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With a global family of 659 Million global followers, the magic of Manchester United transcends geographic, national, cultural religious and linguistic boarders. However the global audience of football fans tend to be very promiscuous, following their favourite players and supporting multiple clubs.

UNLIMITED were tasked with how to use digital to harness all this love for United in to one common language.

Manchester United - match on phone


We worked with MUFC on the creation of a new loyalty strategy – One Voice United – to keep global fans more closely bonded with Manchester United club via social. We ensure our tech-savvy, peer-networked international audience get the most out of Manchester United as an entertainment brand in native social platforms, with a tailored strategy.

We’ve run a series of campaigns – such as creating the brand’s first ever social sticker pack – designed to build a new database of marketable email addresses bringing international followers into the broader CRM ecosystem.

“Understanding the role of BELONGING as an emotional lever was integral to fandom as we looked at ways for fans to show a unified love for their team.”



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